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  • Members: Alice Boyle - Fiddle, Viola; Dave Firestine - Mandolin, Bouzouki; Robert Rosenberg - Guitar,Banjo and Clair Zucker - Bodhran, Vocals, Concertina, Calling
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S TEAM! offers the intuitive musicality of a seasoned and exciting contra dance band; power sets, uplifting elegance, quirky fun tunes and beautiful waltzes.

steamThese four great friends now spend most of their time spread separated in two by the Rocky Mountains, but have spent every September at Carp Camp of the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield for years. Jamming for 16 hours a day for 2 weeks straight gives room for experimenting and touring through the odd and wonderful permutations of each tune, not to mention the tie dye and general silliness that may ensue. All of that is along for the ride when STEAM! comes to town.

Fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran and more... STEAMy hot music for dancing your socks off. Power sets, smooth elegance, quirky fun tunes and beautiful romantic waltzes.... Dance 2 STEAM!



Alice Boyle: Alice is known for her joyful fiddle style and inventive harmonies. Originally a professional classical violist, she fell in love with traditional music and has immersed herself the tunes and fiddle styles of North America and the British isles. Her skillful twists and turns lend a bright top end to the band’s dance tunes and her violist harmonic sensibilities add lovely depth to their waltzes.

Dave Firestine: Dave hits the ground with a driving rhythm that makes feet start tapping on and off the dance floor.He specializes in those “grab you”tunes that have unique twists, lighting them on fire with his eclectic style and gift for syncopation.Incorporating a blend of old time and Irish techniques, Dave plays mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, and occasionally bodhran with the band.

Robert Rosenberg: Robert’s guitar rhythms establishes a solid rhythmic foundation, and sets the stage, but his interesting chord choices and ability to jump right into flat picking when the muse strikes, adds extra bounce and variety to the band’s sound. Robert’s versatility makes him a hot commodity in the music scene and he currently play with five different (celtic, old-time, folk, bluegrass, contra) bands based out of western Colorado.

Claire Jamieson Zucker: Claire is the chameleon of the band, adding the rich heart-beat of the bohdran (Irish drum) or spunky clogging rhythms, but also lilting magic into a tune set or singing a romantic waltz. Claire is also a captivating caller with a love of zesty and flowing dances. She and the band work seamlessly together to create a special synergy between caller, music and dancer./p>

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