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Maggie Speaks

Maggie Speaks
  • Maggie Speaks
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  • Members: Dave Calzaretta, Nicole Garza, Blake Cooper, Samir Varma and Shawn Sommer
  • Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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D packed dance floor, an engaged audience, and unstoppable energy that makes your night one to remember forever. Since 1997, Maggie Speaks has been building a reputation from Sydney to Venice to our hometown of Chicago as the band that delivers more than a show.

Our wedding guests are still talking about the "amazing band" we had at the wedding and keep telling us how much fun they all had. We owe such an incredible night to Maggie Speaks! Thank you for making our wedding so magical!
Gina  - June 17, 2017

Chicago's Maggie Speaks has been changing what people think of cover bands since 1997. Drawing off a huge range of music, Maggie Speaks cranks out an incredible non-stop high-energy show that leaves people breathless. You'll know every song, but you won't believe how this band delivers them one after another. Think of it as your favorite mix come to life. Come see Maggie's ever-changing show and see what cover bands should be.

It’s your big event. Of course it needs to be memorable. Engaging. Special. And it’s all about the music—you know that. That’s where Maggie Speaks makes it easy. If you’re looking for energetic, absolutely dynamic music—music that will set your event apart from all others—Maggie Speaks is your band.

Musical. Infectious. Non-stop.
How do you energize a dance floor? It’s all about the transitions. The seamless transitions between songs. Just ask any DJ. But what if a band could do that live? What if a band could start playing and simply never stop, creating musical segues from song to song to song, all night long? Well, it would be truly extraordinary. And it really is. From rock to pop, R&B into hip-hop, country through funk—Maggie Speaks performs masterfully, seamlessly, live. Your eyes won’t believe your ears. Watch as your dance floor fills to capacity. Then enjoy a non-stop, high-energy, hands-in-the-air party.

Classic. Contemporary. Never cliché.
Maggie Speaks performs over five decades of music. All your timeless favorites, from every great time, but never locked in time. They’ll rock your childhood fave, then they’ll tear the roof off with today’s smash. If there’s an emerging trend in music, Maggie Speaks has it covered—mastered. The band is comprised of the finest, top-tier musicians in Chicago, and they bring the city’s pride and soul to audiences nationally.