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Chicago Gaelic Park Irish Fest

Calling All Redheads

Redhead Day Monday May 29Gaelic Park Irish Fest 2017 celebrates Red Head Day on Monday May 29th with $5 admission all day for redheads. A prize for best redhead will be awarded at 5pm Monday. While only 1-2% of the world population are redheads it is estimated that 10% of Irish men and women are redheads making Ireland number one. Red hair is predominantly found in the western and northern fringes of Europe with The Celtic nations leading the way.  The majority of red heads have brown or grey eyes but that combination of red hair and blue eyes is a potent and rare combination. Red haired people are more likely to be left-handed, have a higher pain threshold  and are therefore more difficult to anesthetize.

Redheads have less hair than brunettes or blondes and their hair is harder to dye, their hair will not grey but turns white. There was a period in European history when red hair was associated with witchcraft and more than 45,000 women were put to death. More recently Hitler forbade redheads to marry each other. Redheads have a reputation for being fiery and quick tempered while also possessing stronger sexual appetites. Bees are more likely to sting redheads while painters are more likely to use them as subjects. Redheads are likely to be nicknamed Ginger in the U.K. or Carrot Top in the US and there is a history of redheads in the Royal Family with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry being natural redheads. Marilyn Monroe was also a  natural redhead. Globalization is causing a percentage drop in the number of redheads so let us celebrate this rarest of hair color while we can, join us at Irish Fest on Memorial Day May 29th which promises to be a fiery day of music craic and redheads.

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