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Pigeon Kings

W ith a lifetime of touring and performance experience between them, musician's Josef Crosby and Victor Gagnon have joined forces to create something new - a sound that's hard to define, but comes from deep roots and deep soul.

Pigeon Kings deftly balances elements of Americana, Celtic, Contemporary Singer Songwriter and Rock into a hybrid uniquely their own.

It is without question that they leave their audiences with the warmth of wanting more. Their repertoire leaves no listener disappointed varying from old traditional northern songs, to foot tapping Irish traditional tunes researched from old manuscripts to a celebration of other traditional music of neighboring countries.

A true labor of love and passion, Pigeon Kings is an "insurrection resurrection" for anyone struggling to find their own voice amidst the noise of the status quo.

Josef Crosby (vocals, bass, fiddle)

Joey began his career as a reluctant student of classical violin, but was able to parlay his mother’s insistence into an impressive career as a musician, co-founding the Celtic/Roots band Scythian. Together, they went from playing on the streets for pocket change to headlining festivals all over the country - with a few stints abroad – and playing for Presidents, Popes and the very best fans anyone could ask for. Now able to flex his song writing chops, Joey counts Leonard Cohen, Jim Morrison, Hunter S. Thompson and other outsiders and envelope pushers as his greatest influences, for better or for worse.

Victor Gagnon (fiddle, vocals, mandolin)

A lifelong lover of Celtic fiddle and old world rhythms, Vic was trained classically but educated on the road. He became the full time fiddler for the Celtic Rock group Seven Nations at the impressionable age of 18, a gig that took him all over the country for over a decade. During that time he moonlighted as a much sought after session musician in Nashville, where he explored a little pop, a little county and a little rock n roll. He brings all this to the table to create the unique musical fusion that is Pigeon Kings.

Andrew Toy (drums, percussion)

Andrew is a world traveller and Washington DC based drummer/percussionist who loves exploring the range and versatility of the drums. He has toured extensively, both at home and abroad, and his creative approach to the drums has been described as the perfect balance of power and sensitivity, bombast and finesse.

Michael Scoglio (guitar, bass)

Raised on Gospel music, Mike didn't hear his first rock n' roll album until the age of 16, but it changed everything. As a founding member of the popular DC Rockabilly group The 19th Street Band, Michael polished his skills as a top notch player and performer for seven years on the road. When not with the Pigeon Kings, Mike can often be found playing guitar and upright bass somewhere in DC, jamming with great local musicians, showcasing his songwriting talents or dropping beats as a sought after DJ.

Shane Farrell (banjo, mandolin)

Currently based in Orlando, Shane grew up in Manchester, England in a household steeped in traditional Irish music. Starting at 7 years of age, he quickly learned to master the mandolin, before progressing to the banjo and fiddle. Shane was All Britain & All Ireland Champion on numerous occasions, and has been performing since the age of 12 with a veritable who’s who of Celtic music, all around the world.

Ahren Buchheister (guitar, dobro, pedal steel)

Best-pronounced R&B, Ahren is a much sought after multi-instrumentalist from Annapolis, MD. At any given time, he might be seen playing any number of instruments for any number of stellar acts, and Pigeon Kings is glad to be one of them. Besides music Ahren loves Public Radio (NPR), podcasts, national parks, good (decaf) coffee, Sci-Fi, fun socks, and chocolate. Ahren Buchheister (guitar, dobro, pedal steel)

Jake Gold (keys)

Born in New York, but at home in New Orleans, Jake is a pianist/organist who has been making music nearly all his life. From jam band, roots rock and reggae, all the way to jazz, funk and soul, Jake has added his sound to over 30 recording projects, played with some great acts across the country and is so grateful for a life of music-making.